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Disease Dynamics

The Department of Veterinary Medicine has a strong research programme in infectious disease dynamics. We are an interdisciplinary group, using state-of-the-art methods from epidemiology, mathematics and biological sciences, to study the growth, spread and control of pathogens within and between hosts.

Our research encompasses animal, zoonotic, and entirely human infections with a range of viruses, bacteria and parasites. Members of the Disease Dynamics Unit regularly advise national and international authorities on public and animal health, on topics such as bovine tuberculosis control, influenza vaccine strain selection and meningococcal vaccination.


Andrew Conlan

Transmission and Persistence of Infectious Diseases

Epidemiology, genomics and antimicrobial resistance of bacterial pathogens


Olivier Restif

Dynamic models for host-pathogen interactions

Colin Russell

Epidemiology and evolution of viruses

Caroline Trotter

Infectious disease epidemiology and the impact of immunisation


Lucy Weinert

The ecology and genomics of bacterial pathogens


James Wood

Infection dynamics and control of diseases