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Osteoarthritis research

Call for cases


Effects of intra-articular regenerative therapy in dogs with elbow osteoarthritis (OA)

We are actively looking for dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis in one elbow (or, if both elbows are affected, with one elbow obviously more severely affected) to participate in this study. The ideal candidate will have chronic elbow pain that is interfering with daily life and will not have improved with other treatments.

Dogs that are enrolled on the study will receive a single injection of platelet-rich product (V-PET; Pall Corporation), which is harvested from the dog’s own blood, into the elbow joint. The blood collection and platelet injection will be performed under heavy sedation or general anaesthesia, followed by a single overnight stay in our hospital for monitoring.

Costs involved: The platelet concentrate product will be offered at no charge, so clients will pay only for hospitalisation, sedation, consumables and a routine blood test ahead of sedation – on average, this comes to around £500 plus VAT. Follow-up assessments at 1 week, 4 weeks, 3 months and 6 months will be performed at no cost.  These assessments will involve the use of a computerised system for measuring lameness (Tekscan) and we will also ask owners to complete a short questionnaire to see how their dog is doing at home.

Platelet therapies are approved for use in dogs but not all dogs respond equally well. This study will help us to determine which dogs are the best candidates for this treatment, and at what stage of disease. The results will therefore define the way that this treatment is used in the future.

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