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Andrew Conlan

Transmission and Persistence of Infectious Diseases

I use mathematical, statistical and public engagement methods to improve our understanding of the transmission and persistence of infectious diseases and thus better inform policy decisions for control in animal and human populations.

I study a range of disease dynamic systems including bovine Tuberculosis in cattle, childhood infectious diseases, Norovirus, Camplyobacter jejuni and influenza. Unifying these varied systems is a central interest in the development and application of approximate methods of Bayesian inference for the estimation of complex stochastic models.

Key Publications

Google Scholar - list of all publications

Potential benefits of cattle vaccination as a supplementary control for bovine tuberculosis Conlan, AJK, Brooks Pollock, E, McKinley, TJ, Mitchell, AP, Jones, GJ, Vordermeier, N, Wood, JLN (2015)  PLoS Comput Biol 11 (2) e1004038  PMID: 25695736

Estimating the hidden burden of bovine tuberculosis in Great Britain Conlan, AJK, Mckinley, TJ, Karolemeas, K, Brooks Pollock, E, Goodchild, AV, Mitchell, AP, Birch, CPD, Clifton-Hadley, RS, Wood, JLN (2012) . PLoS Comp Bio 8 (10) e1002730 PMID: 23093923

Transmission and dose response experiments for social animals – a reappraisal of the colonisation biology of Campylobacter jejuni in chickens Conlan, AJK, Line, JE, Hiett, K, Coward, C, van Diemen, PM, Stevens, MP, Jones, MA, Gog, JR, Maskell, DJ  J. R. Soc. Interface. (2011) PMID: 21593028

Measuring social networks in British primary schools through scientific engagement  Conlan, AJK, Eames, KTD, Gage, JA, von Kirchbach, JC, Ross, JV, Saenz, RA, Gog, JR (2010) Proc. Roy. Soc. B doi: 10.1098/rspb.2010.1807 PMID: 21047859

Time is of the essence: exploring a measles outbreak response vaccination in Niamey, Niger Grass, RF, Conlan, AJ, Ferrari, MJ, Djibo, A, Le Menach, A, Bjørnstad, ON, Grenfell, BT.  (2008) J R Soc Interface 5 (18):67-74. PMID: 17504737


 Andrew Conlan

Dr Andrew Conlan

University Lecturer in Epidemiology

Group members: with Caroline Trotter I co-supervise Andromachi Karachaliou (PhD student) modelling the control of Meningitis in Africa and Dr Katy Gaythorpe (Post-doc) on the potential use of vaccination for Norovirus.

    Plain English

    Policy decisions on the control of infectious diseases often have to be made quickly based on limited information and data. In outbreaks, mathematical models can provide a basis for prediction of the spread of new diseases. However, the predictive ability of such models depends critically on understanding the generic routes, mechanisms and principles of transmission between people and animals. The ultimate aim of my research is improve our understanding of these principles using historic epidemics and data and thus improve the robustness of models used to inform policy decisions.