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Caroline Trotter

Infectious disease epidemiology and the impact of immunisation

I am an infectious disease epidemiologist with a particular interest in vaccine evaluation. Most of my work is on human diseases, in particular meningococcal disease, but my research encompasses a range of other infections including pneumococcus, Hib, group B streptococcus, HPV, rotavirus, and norovirus. I use a variety of methods, including field studies, observational studies, mathematical modelling and cost-effectiveness. I enjoy addressing questions of direct relevance to vaccine and public health policy.

I  work with the African Meningococcal Carriage Consortium (MenAfriCar), a global research effort to study how meningococcal meningitis is spread in Africa, and to document the impact of a new meningitis vaccine (MenAfriVac) on reducing transmission. Our study in Chad has shown that MenAfriVac has had a dramatic impact on disease and carriage in a region experiencing a group A epidemic.

I also work on collaborative projects with Public Health England, University of Bristol, St Georges University of London, Agence de Medicine Preventive and the World Health Organisation. 

Click for details of Meningitis Research Foundation funded projects on cost-effectiveness of GBS vaccines, persistence of MenAfriVac, use of MenAfriVac in pregnant women and how people value benefits of vaccination.

Key Publications

Google Scholar - link to all publications

Karachaliou A, Conlan AJ, Preziosi MP, Trotter CL. Modeling Long-term Vaccination Strategies With MenAfriVac in the African Meningitis Belt. Clin Infect Dis. 2015;61 Suppl 5:S594-600. 

MenAfriCar Consortium. The diversity of meningococcal carriage across the African meningitis belt and the impact of vaccination with a group A meningococcal conjugate vaccine. J Infect Dis 2015.  doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiv211 

Al-Janabi H, Van Exel J, Brouwer W, Trotter CL, Glennie L, Coast J. Measuring health spillovers for economic evaluation: A case study in meningitis. Health Economics. 2015 Oct 14. 

Christensen H, Trotter CL, Hickman M, Edmunds WJ. Re-evaluating the cost-effectiveness of universal ‘MenB’ (Bexsero) vaccination in England: a modelling study. BMJ2014  349 

Daugla DM, Gami JP,  Gamougam K, Naibei N, Mbainadji L, Narbé M,  Toralta J, Kodbesse B, Ngadoua C, Coldiron M, Ferman F, Page A-L,  Djingarey M,  Hugonnet S, Harrison OB, Rebbetts LS, Tekletsion Y, Watkins ER, Caugant DA,  Chandramohan D,  Hassan-King M, Manigart O, Nascimento M, Woukeu A,  Trotter C, Stuart JM, Maiden MCJ, Greenwood B. The impact of a serogroup A meningococcal conjugate vaccine (PsA-TT) on serogroup A meningococcal meningitis and carriage in Chad. Lancet 2014.383:40-7

Caroline Trotter

Dr Caroline Trotter

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology

Group members: Kyriaki Giorgakoudi, Katy Gaythorpe, Andromachi Karachaliou, Laura Cooper

Plain English

I study how well current vaccines work on a population-level and whether and how we should use new vaccines.