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Infection and Immunity

Barbara Blacklaws

Pathogenesis and immunity to viral infections


Host recognition of infection

Raymond Bujdoso

Protein misfolding neurodegenerative diseases

Cinzia Cantacessi

Gastrointestinal helminths, host-parasite interactions, high-throughput sequencing technologies

Lucy Davison

Functional Genomics, Autoimmunity, Small Animal Medicine

Andrew Grant

Bacterial pathogens

Jonathan Heeney

Viral Zoonotics

Mark Holmes

Antimicrobial resistance, Molecular Epidemiology, Clinical Veterinary Research, Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine

Jim Kaufman

Evolution of immunity

Piero Mastroeni

Pathogenesis and immunobiology of bacterial infections


Jonathan Powell

Analysis of mineral structures in the biomedical field; gastrointestinal absorption and cell processing of nanoparticulate minerals


Hans Wilhelm Schwaeble

The role of complement in health and disease


Laurence Tiley

Control of influenza virus replication


Dan Tucker

Veterinary microbiology and zoonoses; clinical management of pig health and disease