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Joy Archer

Veterinary Clinical Pathology

I am an European specialist in veterinary clinical pathology and run the clinical pathology laboratory. As part of this we have a new initiative to bank spare samples for research. The specialism involves a combination of haematology, cytology, and biochemistry and endocrinology profile interpretations. In clinical pathology I am particularly interested in developing and validating new tests. Current ones include Flow cytometery for leukaemias lymphomas and other diseases, urine biomarkers for early renal disease and cardiac biomarkers.

As a fellow of the Royal College of pathologists I am interested in diagnostic histopathology particularly of laboratory animals and exotic species. I also am in tested in haematological changes where they can be evaluated using CBC, Bone marrow aspirate cytology and core biopsy histology with immunocytochemistry/ histology to obtain as complete a picture as possible to aid in diagnosis.

Clinical research interests are multifaceted and collaborative. Current studies include pancreatic disease, liver disease, heart disease and neoplasia.

Key Publications

Serum Cystatin C Concentrations in Cats with Hyperthyroidism and Chronic Kidney Disease.  Williams TL, Dillon H, Elliott J, Syme HM, Archer J. J Vet Intern Med 07 May 2016

Validation of an automated enzyme immunoassay for the measurement of serum total thyroxine in cats. Williams TL, Archer J. Vet Clin Pathol 45(1):148-153 Mar 2016 

In Vitro Influence of Mycophenolic Acid on Selected Parameters of Stimulated Peripheral Canine Lymphocytes. Guzera M, Szulc-Dąbrowska L, Cywińska A, Archer J, Winnicka A. PLoS One 11(5):e0154429 2016

Evaluation of urinary biomarkers for azotaemic chronic kidney disease in cats. Williams TL, Archer J. J Small Anim Pract 57(3):122-129 Mar 2016

Stability of immunophenotypic lymphoid markers in fixed canine peripheral blood for flow cytometric analysis. Cian F, Guzera M.Frost S vanPouckee S Comazzi S Archer J  Vet.Clin.Path. 43;108-8 2014

The use of flow cytometery for Immunophenotyping lymphoproliferative disorders in cats: a retrospective study of 19 cases Guzera M, Cian F, Leo A, Winnicka A Archer J  Vet.and Comp Oncology early view online 2 June 2014

Inhibition of UDPglucosylceramide synthase in mice prevents Gaucher's disease associated B -cell malignancy Pavlova EV, Archer J, Wang S, Dekker N,Aerts J, Karlsson S, Cox TM, J Path. 235: 113 -25 2015

B cell lymphoma and myeloma in murine Gaucher's disease. Pavlova EV. Wang SZ, Archer J, Aertz J, Karlsson S Cox TM.  J Path 231: 88 -97 2013

Initial evaluation of canine Urinary Cystatin C as a marker of renal function Monti P ,Benchekroun G, Berlato D, Archer J.  J Sml Anim. Pract. 53:254-259 2012

 Joy Archer

Dr Joy Archer

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pathology



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